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Welcome to Tallaght Interiors

Blind Manufacture & Blind Repair

Tallaght Interiorsis a blind manufacturer and a blind repair service that has been operating in Tallaght, Dublin for two decades. We offer customers made-to-measure blinds. Tallaght Interiors call out to a client’s premises and measures all windows and doors. This service ensures that we create beautiful made-to-measure blinds that fit perfectly inside a client’s property.

Our team of expert craftsmen have 20 years' of experience in manufacturing and repairing all types of blinds. We offer a completely bespoke service. We only work with the highest quality raw materials and the majority of our blinds are made in our Tallaght workshop serving both the domestic and commercial sector.

Get in contact with our team today and have your blinds made-to-measure by the blind specialists

Blind Manufacture

We take care to manufacture only the finest blinds for our clients’ properties. With 20 years of experience in high-quality blind manufacture, we’re able to fit out our customers' premises with beautiful, functional blinds. We work with a small collection of third party material manufacturers, who supply us with only the finest raw materials. All of our blinds are then manufactured here in Ireland at our Tallaght-based premises.
We guarantee customers that our made-to-measure blinds fit perfectly over windows and doors. Our service involves one of our friendly and professional blind technicians calling to a client’s property and take exact measurements for all blinds.
Our bespoke blind manufacturing service allows customers to pick the material and design of their blinds, ensuring their made-to-measure blinds fit the unique aesthetic of their property. Our expert blind manufacturers can help customers chose just the right material and design for their premises.


Have Tallaght Interiors help you create beautiful bespoke window blinds today.

Blind Repair

Our comprehensive window blind repair service encompasses all types of blind repair. In the event of issues with your retractable system, such as a broken spring, Tallaght Interiors can quickly and efficiently repair your blinds at a time that suits you.
We’re also available to turn existing blinds if needed to give your blinds a new lease on life. This cost effective service saves customers money by extending the life of their blinds.
Tallaght Interiors can also discuss options for damaged blinds or completely replace blinds in the case of unsalvageable damage whilst maintaining the original fitting. Our efficient and professional repair service is available during irregular hours by special appointment. We can even call to your property on Saturday mornings.


AC-DC Roller Blinds

AC-DC roller blinds utilise electricity to offer customers a simple and comfortable method of operating their roller blinds on their window treatments. AC-DC roller blinds are especially helpful for large or hard to reach windows.

Tallaght Interiors make made-to-measure AC-DC roller blinds in order to make the adjustment of blinds an automated process for clients. The installation process is simple as the blinds work with existing power supplies in your home or office.

Are your blinds in desperate need of repair?

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Brands Tallaght Interiors Works With

With two decades of experience in manufacturing and repairing blinds, Tallaght Interiors can boast unrivalled experience with all types of blinds. The blinds we work with include.

Roman Blinds



Duo Rollers

Venetian ‘Wood and Fauxwood"


Black-Out Blinds


AC-DC Roller Blinds

What our Customers Have To Say


"Would highly recommend. Great prices & great service."

Sinead O'Reilly

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Tallaght Interiors

137 Glenview Park
D24 YCW7 Dublin 24

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